If ever there was justification to use the hackneyed cliche, ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint,’ the CIPR UK council elections are it.

Some 22 days after voting started, we finally find ourselves in the midst of the final day of the election.

For those amongst us that stayed up all night last Thursday to follow the end of the Scottish Referendum, you might be relieved that the pace of this election is a tad less frantic. For PR professionals nationwide, it’s an exciting and important time, nonetheless; an opportunity to play a part in the democratic process and help shape the future of our industry.

If you’re a voting member of the CIPR and haven’t yet cast your vote, it’s not too late. Voting closes at 5pm today (Monday 22nd September) until which time, you can cast your vote online here.

For one final time, I would invite you to read my candidate statement and that of my CIPR NI colleague, Sam Livingstone and consider casting your 1st and 2nd preferences for us. We’re both passionate about the PR industry; access to training and education; championing best practice and ethical conduct. We’re particularly interested in helping to boost representation for Northern Ireland at UK council level.

Regardless of who you vote for, please vote and make your voice heard.

To mark the imminent end of the election and to brighten up your Monday, here’s an appropriate clip from The West Wing. Any excuse.


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